Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pre School!

It all happened quite unexpectedly. A visit to a preschool sparked off Auni's latest adventure – attending preschool.

We initially planned on starting her next year, unsure if it was still too young for the little one. However her first trial visit has led to numerous others. Auni seems to have adjusted well to her environment, teacher and friends.

Experts say if a child is nurtured adequately at home he does not need preschool. However a well-balanced, stimulating, pressure-free early childhood programme can be enriching and exciting. We considered preschool mainly for the interaction Auni will have with kids her age. We hope that she will acquire essential skills such as how to cooperate, take turns, help with chores, follow rules and instructions, make decisions. While the programme should not over-emphasis on academic achievement, it should challenge and stimulate a child intellectually and creatively.

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